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About Nich

I am bold, adventurous, and blessed. 

Blessed to have inherited my mother’s strong drive and pride for my work, and my father’s passion for music and creativity. I am the type of designer who asks questions, and tries to answer the “why” of the design. I care about the end-user and how the design will be perceived. I work well in support of a team and I value the input and ideas of others. I feel that, because of our different experiences, we all bring a different perspective to the table. 

Growing up in a small town, I knew everyone in town by face, if not by name, and was limited in exposure to new people and cultures. As an adult, I have made it a priority to travel the world and force myself out of that small-town comfort zone. I was never much of an athlete as a kid, but I have recently found that the best clarity and refreshment comes after a long run. I hike, bike and kayak. I love to explore the areas that are not on the tourist-map. Each of these experiences lends itself to my designs, giving me inspiration to push the boundaries of my work.

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