This is how we do it

The last few weeks of A Terrible Space to Waste have been about when you might call a stylist like me. And I think we pretty much have that covered. At least you get the idea.  

I think it's time to get back to the fun stuff! The how, the doing, the dirty and then pretty of styling and design. That's the best stuff, am I right?  

On Saturday, I had planned to finish my pumpkins project, which some of you have seen on Facebook already. It's definitely time for a little fresh fall decor around the house. I think they turned out great! But with the creative juices flowing, looking for the right place to display them turned into a day-long layout change for the livingroom! 

Pretty woodblock pumpkins project: A little paint, some twigs, ribbon and hot glue...presto, adorable pumpkins!

I've lived in my house for just over three years now, and I'm still finding drawers that have nothing in them, or spaces I can use differently. The living room, however is a minor source of frustration. 

You see, my house was built in the '50s by the family I bought it from. So it hasn't had too many updates. This is one of the things I LOVE about my home! But it's also one of the things that causes me to pull my hair out, figuratively speaking of course.

The kitchen definitely needs to be updated, I have no dishwasher (which I know, everyone who has ever talked to me about my house has already's a sore subject)! But full-scale remodel is not on the current horizon no matter how much I have the plan already drawn up. 

What does the kitchen have to do with the living room? Well, right now, it doesn't. And that's the problem. My plan is to open up the wall between the two, and create a peninsula with seating on the living room side...give the space a much-needed great room feel.  So what do you do with a living room layout that's waiting for a piece that's not coming for a while?

Well, it's a long, narrow room that is aching for a proper entry...though that might just be me doing the aching. And this weekend, while trying to find the perfect spot for the pumpkins, I finally had an epiphany! 

Of course, I'm terrible at remembering to take photos before I start moving furniture. Especially for spontaneous redesigns. So, sorry you're going to have to take my word for was just okay before. The pieces are good (except the dog couch, but I'm a dog person and she lives here: she gets her own couch, it's just easier that way) but the layout always left me wanting something more. 

I have this really great back wall of windows, and it wasn't the focal point, the TV was. Which was fine, but it's just a TV. So I started by moving the "people" couch to face the windows. This created a divider for the long part of the room, a way to separate entry from living room. Yes, an entry!

And from that single furniture placement, everything else flowed into place. Well, flowed in concept...moving my bookshelves, ever filling with more and more books because I can't help myself...took a minute.

My livingroom layout change this weekend created a cozy travel-themed reading corner. 

This new layout has created the entry I've been longing for. A girl needs a place to drop her purse and not lose her keys all over the house! And a new reading corner/library for my beloved books.

It also leaves the space for the future kitchen project available for a temporary, I'm thinking wine bar. But for now I'm on the hunt for the perfect top for a custom sofa/entry table I have planned, which will hopefully be next weeks post. Along with more photos of the project. I'm excited to get back to more doing!

Cheers to a happy Monday, and a creative week!