We’re in a rental...how can we add style!?!

Renting can be a great solution when you are expecting to be in an area for a short time, and for various other reasons. However, there’s always the looming “deposit” hanging over your head when it comes to making that temporary space into a cozy home you can be comfortable in. Every nail in the wall, or knick in the corner has you flinching and dollar signs evaporating. 

So how do you make it feel like more like a home and less like borrowed space? Well, it’s 2015, and there are SO many removable and temporary products on the market these days. A little clever installation and we can turn that ugly kitchen into something you actually enjoy looking at while you’re there. You’ll have a home as unique as your wardrobe, and bonus, a lot of it you can take with you to the next place! No leaving all your personality behind and starting from scratch. 

Command Strips make for removable storage for cups and ingredients 

And it’s not just the kitchen. Bedrooms, bathrooms, floors...there are increasingly awesome options for every room of the rental.  Here are a few ideas that I love!

Temporary Wall Treatments:

From vinyl lettering and decals to removable wallpaper and everything in between.  Using tape (yes, tape) to create geometric patterns on an entry wall. And even fabric! There are plenty of options to add a personal touch to your walls.

Fabric can be used as a removable wall treatment. Like this one from Numbered Street Designs.

The Bathroom:

Bathrooms can be tough to figure out how to make them look less dated or basic. But it’s possible! Spa-Inspired or fun & funky, it’s up to you. The perfect rug, shower curtain, and plush towels is a great way to start. Then get creative with storage. 3M Command hooks are an excellent solution for hanging towels. And wall baskets make a great solution if you lack shelving and don’t want to put screws in the wall. 

Simple wicker window baskets make great extra storage on an unused wall. Find out more about this project at Our Fifth House.

And finally, dress up the permanent fixtures. Like this mirror frame is a great way to make the bathroom look custom, and it’s completely removable.  How cool is that! 

Shanty 2 Chic's easy, removable frame for the mirror takes the bathroom from basic to beautiful. 

And the Kitchen:

Ugly, or missing back splashes. Mis-matched appliances. Poor layout. No storage. Kitchens can be a nightmare. But with a few tricks, and creative thinking, they can be your favorite room in the apartment. Creating a beautiful back splash can be done with various techniques now. 

A few options to cover or create temporary back splashes. These ones are collected by Centsational Girl.

And contact paper, contact paper, contact paper! It can cover counter tops, reface the cabinets, create a chalkboard wall, even dress up appliances! Check out this gold striped beauty! 

Contact paper strips, or gold duct tape, can be used to give the fridge a touch of glam, like this one from Honey and Fitz.

In short, you’re not stuck with an ugly space, even if it’s a rental. If you need help coming up with ideas or just getting them installed (because you’re busy...who has the time? - me!), schedule a consultation and we can talk updates that can make your temporary space your amazing home!