Oh the hunt...

I was out on vacation last week, visiting my sister in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. It's such a beautiful time of year up there...although I think they are all pretty great. It's nice to have the time to visit friends and family and get outdoors to play...but alas, I'm back! 

Hiking to Myrtle Creek Falls

This week is full of shopping and creating new pieces, so it should be an exciting one. Shopping with a design in mind can be oh so challenging. My best piece of advice? Don't rush it! You know what you love...wait until you find the piece that speaks to you. Creating a home as unique as you are is a journey. Learning to love the hunt makes it all the more enjoyable! 

Lately, I've been struggling to find the right pieces to wrap up the guest room. And yesterday, I ran into Michaels for something completely unrelated, and spotted this adorable little mercury glass lamp. It's perfect for this space! It's not placed yet, but I couldn't wait to share how awesome it feels to find that elusive piece you've been searching for and at 75% off no less, SUCCESS!  Here's to hunt for the next piece!

The mercury lamp for the bedside table, finally!