When Moving Doesn't Make Sense

When I first started thinking about doing this for real, one of the biggest moments I saw the need for help was when you can’t afford to move. Sure, there has been positive movement in the housing market these days, but that doesn’t mean moving is suddenly an option. And maybe you love the location of your home, but it’s just not working for your family anymore. The up-tick in the market has actually made it more difficult to find quality homes in some locations. So, what options do you have?

When you start to feel stuck in your home, it’s a quick spiral to losing the joy of living there. Feeling stuck is a hard place to be. It can be increasingly difficult to see your home as anything other than what it is now. Especially knowing large-scale remodels can be really expensive and time-consuming. Plus, it’s an intimidating process finding a contractor and/or designer and trusting them with your home. It’s very do-able, and sometimes that is the best route if you need to make big changes to your home, like adding-on or starting from scratch.

Then there’s the Do-It-Yourself option. Access to everything from flooring to light fixtures is increasingly available down the street or online. And I’m the first one to admit, I love doing things myself! There’s a huge sense of satisfaction seeing the end result. Something you created with your own two hands. It’s a creative release, and a jolt of confidence. But, it’s also time-consuming! And it seems like at least half of the time put into DIY projects is spent researching ideas and figuring out how to do it on your own. It can be frustrating spending your nights and weekends on projects that end up taking much longer than you hoped. 

So, go big or go home and do it by yourself. Are those really the only two options? 

Not anymore! That’s where I come in. I’m not your typical interior designer. I’m here to help you make your home work best for you. Big or small. One room or all of them. And sometimes all it takes is re-thinking the way you use a space, and a little help getting the ball rolling. 

Maybe your family has outgrown the eat-in kitchen and that formal living room you never use would work better as a dining room with a bigger table. Maybe the kids are getting old enough they need their own study spaces, or you’ve decided to go back to school and could use a study space of your own. Could that corner be a man cave? Does a “she shed” really have to be the shed? Traditional rooms don’t have to define how you live in your home.

You live there, mold your home to fit your lifestyle, not the other way around!

And when you’re frustrated and can’t see the potential anymore, give me a call. I can help you with a fresh perspective and some new ideas. I recently did just a quick rearranging of a spare bedroom to add storage and increase the available floorspace so the homeowner could use the room instead of having it only available for guests. The only thing we bought new was a bookcase, and I spent about an hour moving things around. We're talking less than $90 to make really useful changes to an unused space!

Rearranging a room from guests-only to usable space

It’s not a magazine cover redesign, and there are plenty of other things we could have done to the space, but that’s not what she needed. I was able to leave her with suggestions for other updates that she could do down the road: painting a lighter color to brighten the room, new artwork that tied in with the vintage bed set, adding even more storage (since who stops collecting books?), etc. These are things she can do herself, or I’m always willing to come back and help when she’s ready to tackle them.

For now, she has a fresh new layout that is working...she’s happy, I’m happy. And that’s the goal. Be happy with your home so you can focus on living there.