Am I really doing this? I guess, that's a yes!

Okay, it's real. I'm officially doing freelance graphic design work!

I have registered my business name, deposited my first official check for graphic design work, and my website is up and running! Thanks to a little encouragement from my first client to "get that check in the bank!' everything has rolled into place pretty quickly. 

I'm already working with client number two...the soon to be owner of the "Gratitude..." artwork from the home page.  It's such a fun project for her wall, and I am so excited about how it's turning out.  More pictures of that work as it progresses. 

I guess if I'm going to be working so much, I couldn't have picked a better time.  All that snow and ice on the roads has me curled up inside anyhow. Might as well put that "indoor time" to good use!

Definitely more to come...